Alex Kor

Alex Kor is the son of Michael and Eva Kor, both survivors of the Holocaust. Michael (Mickey) was liberated from Buchenwald by Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Nehf of Terre Haute, Indiana. After the war, Michael made his way to Terre Haute where he finished high school and college. In 1959, he visited Israel where he met Eva Mozes, a twin who was a subject in Mengele’s twin experiments at Auschwitz. Michael and Eva married in 1959, and founded the CANDLES Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute in 1995 where Eva still lectures. In addition, Eva has been involved in Holocaust education for approximately 40 years, and believes that “forgiveness is a seed for peace whereas anger is a seed for war.”

Alex Kor is a native of Terre Haute, Indiana and a tennis playing podiatrist who relocated from the Washington, DC/ Baltimore area in 2016. As a child of two Holocaust survivors with two different journeys, Alex speaks on a variety of subjects including ethics in medicine, his experiences, and those of his parents.