Lisa Weiner

Lisa Weiner was born in Vienna, Austria on June 24, 1938, three months after the Nazis invaded Austria.  They lived in fear of being captured and taken to a concentration camp until the summer of 1942 when she, her mother, and grandmother fled to Budapest, Hungary where the Jews still were relatively safe.  Her father remained in Vienna and was to follow later, but Lisa never saw him again.  He was killed by a bomb while attending Friday night services in a synagogue.

Lisa and her mother and grandmother were captured by the Nazis and imprisoned in Hungarian Concentration Camps for 3 years.  During that time she was separated from her mother and grandmother and put in an orphanage.  They were eventually lucky enough to each receive a protective pass from Raoul Wallenberg and survived the rest of the war in a Swedish Safe House.

After the war, they returned to Vienna and lived in a Displace Person’s Camp until 1946 when they emigrated to America.  Her mother remarried and they moved to Appleton, WI in 1955 where she still resides.  She met and married her husband there and raised her family while having a long and distinguished career as a professional fundraiser for several non-profits. 

Watch Lisa tell her story: