Renata Laxova

Renata with ParentsRenata Laxova was born on July 15, 1931 in Brno, Czechoslovakia.  She survived the Holocaust as a child who was included in Sir Nicholas Winton’s Kindertransport, spending the war in England. She returned to Czechoslovakia after the war, received a medical degree and training as a pediatrician there.  After the invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968, she escaped a second time to England, where she worked with Lionel Penrose at the ‘Kennedy-Galton Centre for Medical and Community Genetics’ in London researching mental disabilities. She was then appointed to the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she worked in its research center for human developmental disabilities, focusing on prenatal diagnosis and genetics counseling.

Watch Renata tell her story here.

Renata Laxova on WKOW 27 (February 10, 2016)

Renata Laxova on WKOW 27 (July 5, 2015)