Pinat Hatikvah

The Nathan and Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center’s (HERC) Pinat Hatikvah (Corner of Hope), is an outdoor space dedicated to life after the Holocaust, situated on the Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s Karl Jewish Community Campus in Whitefish Bay.

Conceptualized by a committee chaired by Jane Chernof and brought to life through the award-winning design of Phillip Katz of Phillip Katz Project Development (PKPD), the goal of Pinat Hatikvah is to create a space that is dedicated to life after the Holocaust. The architecture is beautiful, meaningful and poetic, evoking our deepest feelings about life, memory and belief in the future.

Pinat Hatikvah provides a place of contemplation and peace with a message of survival and hope to all those who have survived persecution. It emphasizes the strengths of humanity—the will to survive, the ability to help fellow human beings in the face of adversity, and the capacity for compassion and understanding in order to educate future generations.

The Corner of Hope welcomes people of all faiths by incorporating universal themes of family, history and perseverance. It is hoped that all people — both Jewish and non-Jewish — will be inspired to understand the consequences of denying fundamental human rights throughout history and today.

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Pinat Hatikvah