Krakow, the “Polish Jerusalem”? Revival of Jewish Life after the Holocaust

Dr. Agi Legutko


Dr. Agi Legutko

Once called the “Polish Jerusalem” for over 700 years, Krakow boasted a vibrant Jewish community that produced such world famous rabbis as Ramah (Moses Isserles), Bach (Joel Sirkes), Abraham Joshua Heshel, and Megale Amukot (Natan Nata Spira).  Seventy years after the Holocaust, it is now undergoing an unprecedented revival of Jewish life.  What was the Jewish Krakow then? What is going on there now?  The Jewish revival without Jews? With Jews?

Come and hear stories about the most fascinating place in Jewish Poland of today – Krakow!  Dr. Agi Legutko is Lecturer in Yiddish and Director of the Yiddish Language Program at Columbia University.

Co-sponsored by the Israel Center of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation


Mon. May 18, 2015


 7:00 pm


Congregation Emanu El B’ne Jeshurun

2020 W Brown Deer Road

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