Lawyers without Rights: Jewish Lawyers in Germany under the Third Reich

An Exhibit

More than 70 years after its horrors unfolded, the Holocaust still has stories to reveal and lessons to share. This exhibit begins to provide a portrait of the fate of Jewish lawyers in Germany – stories that speak to how the Nazis purged Jewish lawyers as one of the early steps to attack the rule of law in their country.

Free & open to the public.


Exhibit Hours:

Mon – Thurs: 7:30am – 11pm

Fri: 7:30am – 7pm

Sat: 12 – 7pm

Sun: 12 – 11pm



American Bar Association

Benjamin Cardozo Society of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation


UWM Libraries


Sun. September 16, 2018 - Sun. October 7, 2018


 All Day


UWM Libraries East Wing

2311 E Hartford Ave

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