UW Students Visit Places of the Holocaust with HERC

We are pleased to welcome the second UW Study Abroad Course 20th Century Eastern Europe and the Holocaust, co-led by Dr. Shay Pilnik and Dr. Karl Loewenstein. Our group of 15 students from UW-Milwaukee and UW-Oshkosh has arrived in Poland and for the next 14 days, will be touring the soil on which the murder of six million Jews and five million non-Jews took place. Our itinerary includes the Jewish quarter of Krakow; the death camps Auschwitz, Majdanek, and Belzec; the remains of the Warsaw and Lodz Ghettos; and the killing fields in Lithuania at Ponary and the Ninth Fort.

We thank our campus partners at the UW-Oshkosh History Department and the Stahl Center for Jewish Studies at UW-Milwaukee for helping us to spearhead this exciting educational program. And of course, we thank HERC’s anonymous donor for both vision and generosity. Without the scholarship that each of these students received for this program, we would have not been able to offer future teachers, professionals, and leaders in our community this rare opportunity to walk the grounds of the ghettos, killing fields, and death camps in Poland and Lithuania, helping them to bring the message of Never Again back to their communities.