Survivor & Second Generation Social Calls

“I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with Holocaust survivor Lee Marnett these past several weeks, checking in on him and his family. It has been interesting hearing about his experiences in the ghetto while sharing some of my father’s story. While we were visiting he slipped into a little Yiddish, which I knew from my parents!”

Marty Thau, HERC Speakers Bureau Member


“Thanks to the suggestion of a dedicated member of HERC’s Community Program Committee, HERC decided to implement social calls between Holocaust survivor and second generation speakers bureau members, checking in on one another during these difficult times. This has provided me with a special opportunity to connect with dear friends Susie and Bob Fono. I am proud of all those participating in this important program, each embodying the strength of our community.”

Arleen Peltz, HERC Chair & Speakers Bureau Member