Susan Schneiderman

Susan Riba Schneiderman is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors and a poignant voice for preserving the legacy of her parents. By recounting their courageous journey, Susan imparts hope and heartfelt wisdom from their experiences and explains why it is everyone’s responsibility to continue to bear witness to the undeniable facts of the Holocaust.  

 Her father, Mendel (Manny) Riba is the focus of many of her talksIn the late 1930s, Manny was a teenager in Nazi-occupied Poland who survived six hard labor concentration camps in three countries and numerous attempts to end his life. His determination to survive and hard work led Manny & his wife, Sally, to Wisconsin, where they raised their familyManny became a successful businessman and a leading authority in the cattle & meat industryLater, he continued his business in Tampa, FL. 

 Susan and her husband Steve raised their two sons in a home filled with remembrance of the HolocaustSusan, a retired Realtor, now takes pride that their sons, daughters-in-law, and four beautiful grandchildren are also continuing community-based Holocaust efforts, teaching future generations to stand up to all forms of hate and indifference.